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My early years were spent seeking out and taking art classes when and where I could. I took classes at San Diego State, Museum of Man, the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla, and at Spanish Village in Balboa Park. My focus was on drawing the human figure and I took life drawing classes as often as possible.

After high school, I spent three years in the art department at UCLA. I worked on special projects in the classroom with artist Billy Al Bengston and furniture designer James McCabe. I also worked on the potting wheel and learned the details of human anatomy in the fine arts department.

Prior to my job with Queens Graphics, I worked for magazines and private firms, designing, illustrating, and learning all the technical aspects of layout and production. At Queen Graphics our primary function was within the record industry, designing jackets and promotional graphics. We produced camera ready art from our original concepts.

Since 1975 I have been involved with redesigning interior space and directing the project. I have been responsible for six such renovations from conception to completion. My basic concept has been to expand and utilize available interior space, designing for light and function.

As a partner in Market Street Design I have designed ads, brochures, labels, album cover, logos, point of purchase displays, magazine covers and concepts for illustration. My work demanded a lot of photography.

In 1986 I began working in pastel. My subjects were from my photographs of Venice and the California coast and my work was being shown in the Robert Berman Gallery in Venice.

In 1994 I moved to Kauai with my husband and two children and began photographing the skies of Kauai and turned the photographs into pastels. I successfully sold approximately 75 of my original pastels on Kauai. During that time I had shows in Los Angeles at Hal's restaurant in Venice and at the Rose Cafe.

In 1994 I began teaching art classes at my children's elementary school and saw the great demand that there was for art in the classroom. In 1996, Gae Rusk and I decided to create funding for art classes in the school. We organized a hands-on art fair for children and adults. We provided art projects that included ceramics, paper mache masks, painting on fine art paper, found objects and donated items. The fair was a huge success and we were able to hire art instructors and pay for art materials for the school out of the proceeds. The fair became a tradition at the school.

In 2000 I began teaching privately out of my home, with both adults and home-schooled students. I have seen wonderful results from my students and have enjoyed the teaching experience. I also taught classes at the Kilauea Community Center and organized a life drawing class for adults.

I have recently moved back to Los Angeles after teaching classes in both Pastel and Life Drawing for five years at the Art institute in San Diego. I also taught a Children's Summer Camp with the focus on illustration. I feel I have a range of experience with different materials and techniques and I enjoy teaching all ages.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sally Phillips
1306 Clove Street
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 300-1414

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