Fine Art Pastel ~ Sally Phillips ~ Beach Road
Sally Phillips has been working with Pastels on Fine Art paper for three decades. Her love of the medium began with photography. The soft edges that can be achieved with pastels are reminiscent of a soft focus on the lens of a camera. No other medium can duplicate the transparent look of pastels.

As a designer she began using the camera to capture the moment and used those moments to create her pastels. Sally's early work were from the streets of Venice, California. Her work was shown and purchased by the Robert Berman Gallery in Venice before she left to live on Kauai.

On the island her focus shifted to the incredible, pristine skies above and the ocean surrounding the land. The colors on the island were undeniably brilliant and the medium of pastel could lift you right into the skies where the clouds played out a constant drama from sunrise to sunset.

After moving back to the West Coast, Sally Phillips began teaching her very personal technique at the San Diego Art Institute. The California coast has provided a wealth of vibrant images of ocean, coast and sky.

All of Sally's work presented on this web site may be produced as a Gicleé. The inks have a 200 year life and are printed on acid free fine art paper up to 30"x44".

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